Aladdin's Cave


Pricing* is based on average 4-day costume hire:



YOUTH (12-18 YEARS) £20

CHILD (4-12 YEARS) £15



*We offer reduced rates for groups of 6 or more and theatrical productions. Please call for more information.


You will be asked for your signature to say you accept the following terms and conditions upon hire. You will receive a copy of this with your receipt.

Hiring or Reserving Your Costume

Full payment is due upon hire or reservation. We accept cash or card. You are responsible for the return of all items listed on your receipt. We will also ask for the proof of your ID.

Changing Your Reserved Costume

Changing your costume will incur a £10 administration charge.

Cancelling Your Reserved Costume

If you cancel your costume 3+ days ahead of your hire date, you'll be refunded 50% of the hire cost. If you give less than 3 days cancellation notice, we cannot issue a refund.


Once a costume has left the premises, a refund cannot be issued. Refunds will not be issued for costumes not worn e.g., an event is cancelled, illness or finding an alternative costume.

Collecting and Returning Your Costume

You are responsible for collecting and returning your costume on the agreed hire dates.

Late Returns

Due to high demand, late returns will be charged as follows:

1-3 days after agreed return date £1 per day late

4+ days after agreed return date £5 per day late

Damages and Losses

Please notify us of any damage or loss when returning your costume. Minor repairs may not incur a charge, but major damage or loss must be paid for.